Introducing Oway Hcolour Ammonia-Free: A Revolutionary Hair Colour Experience

Unveil the extraordinary with Oway Hcolour, an ammonia-free hair colouring system that transcends the conventional. This unique blend of butters and oils delivers an intense, sublime, and astonishing colour effect, while nurturing your hair from within.

Key Ingredients

 – Date Oil: Immerse your hair in the nourishing and elasticizing power of Date Oil. Enhancing the hair fiber structure over time, it prepares your locks for technical services.

 – Organic Perilla Oil: Derived from phytotherapy, this soothing and calming oil perform an anti-aging miracle, creating a luxurious, vibrant hue.

 – Biodynamic Hibiscus Extract: Fortify your hair from within. This extract not only strengthens the hair’s structure but also adds a brilliant shine, leaving it irresistibly soft and silky.

 – Cotton Protein: A guardian against dryness, these proteins repair and restore the hair fiber, offering a softening and nourishing touch.

 – Illipe Butter: Another gem in the formula, Illipe Butter, strengthens the hair’s structure, amplifying its shine and leaving it luxuriously soft and silky.

Ammonia-Free Perfection

This permanent and nourishing colour treatment redefines salon experiences. Activated with illipé-based fluid butter, Hcolor transforms the colouring process into a perfumed and relaxing interlude, pampering your hair while elevating your appearance.

 Discover the Brilliance

 – 89 Shades + 1 Bleaching Booster: Choose from a palette of 89 shades and add a touch of individuality to your style. Need a lift? Our bleaching booster provides up to 4 shades lighter.

Perfect Coverage of Grey Hair: Bid farewell to grey as our exclusive colouring micro-pigments offer flawless coverage, creating an intense, bright colour with rich, multi-faceted reflections.

Nourishing & Protective Synergy

Enriched with Biodynamic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Perilla Oil, and Ethically-Produced Date, the formula ensures in-depth softness and shine. Experience increased protection for both your scalp and hair fiber.

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